/ Brief

The brief for this project was to build an identity for an architecture-focused magazine called Architecture Plus. This began with a logo and visual language guide, and progressed into consumer media, in the form of a magazine cover and typical content layout. The brand itself had to present uniquely, but in a similar vein of style to other magazines within the industry, and the layout itself followed industry standards while conveying information in an intuitive form while remaining visually-appealing.

/ Execution - Brand

The brand for Architecture Plus drew inspiration from other architecture- and technology-focused magazines within the industry, such as Architecture Australia, Architecture Review, Grand Designs Australia, and Houses. One mainstay was the use of strong, geometric forms, often bold, that conveyed attributes of architecture such as strength, power, resilience and resolve. These were incorporated into our logo through the use of a slab serif font and similarly strong elements of design.

Images courtesy of Jan Kempenaers (http://www.jankempenaers.info/)

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