/ Rational

CAM Design Services is my own personal freelance identity for my work; including graphic, photographic and 3D-related. While my body of work is broad, I particularly enjoy working with corporate branding, logos, typography, and portrait photography. And although mainly advertised on the Sunshine Coast, the internet allows me to provide my services across the world to a variety of clients. The concept for my freelance identity, CAM Design Services, came from a number of influences in my personal and professional life.

As a kid, I was raised by parents who introduced me to photography through disposable cameras I took on field trips and school camps. Although at the time, I didn’t realise the creative potential and so I used it to document my friends and the things I found. I also watched my parents use early digital point-&-shoot cameras for family photos and holidays. Through this childhood, I was introduced to photography at a young age, and while not taught the technical side, I grew up with it as an ever-present part of my life.

The name “CAM” simply came from shortening my first name and was the first nickname my friends and family gave me.

From these influences and parts of my identity, I built the brand identity of CAM Design Services to reflect my personality, my style and my work.


/ White Space

The proportion of the logotype should be 1:2.2, where the length (horizontal distance) is 2.2 times the width (vertical distance between top edge of top-most bracket and bottom edge of ‘Design Services’ type, henceforth referred to as the x height). Within that, the hero type ‘CAM’ is centred between the brackets and equal to 1.85 times the x height in length, and 0.70 times the x height in width.

To preserve the legibility of the logotype, a border of white space to separate the body of the logo from other nearby logos and complex graphic elements should be used whenever conflict may be present. This white space border should no less than 35mm or 14/10  inches from the edge of the logotype.


/ Typefaces

The CAM Design Services logotype uses two typefaces: DIN Pro and Langdon, of varying weight to establish visual hierarchy and balance within the logo.

DIN Pro was chosen for its geometric design and connection to order and standardisation within the world as a typeface. While Langdon was similarly chosen for its geometric shapes and combination of condensed form which complements the wide nature of its counterpart, DIN Pro.


/ Colours and Variants

The logo uses two colours, black and red, to create a bold and focused identity, representative of the work and personality of the brand itself. One issue with most modern branding solutions is their use of a number of complicated colours and gradients which never translate across different mediums the same way. By using black and a primary colour, visual confusions and brand dilution are minimised while promoting a consistent brand across print and digital mediums.

The black in the bottom logo is used to show the inverse of the logo (i.e. the logotype when placed on a black or near-black background, altered to be visible and legible).


/ Stationery

The branded stationary for CAM Design Services was designed using both of my main interests: graphic design and photography, so the stationary was designed to advertise both services while also promoting the brand and highlighting the logo as the identity.

For this initial branding, I used a photo series taken in Brisbane CBD featuring local architecture, plants and art installations across South Brisbane and surrounding areas. To bring attention and emphasis to the red dot of the logotype, the photos and a majority of the other graphic elements and type are employed in monochrome or black & white.


Using Format