/ Brief

The brief for this project was to build a board game designed for the Baby Boomer generation, which would involve one of a number of hobbies such as cooking, travelling, photography and exercise. The board game could share mechanics with existing board games, but needed its own visual appeal and consistent style, designed towards the attitudes, values and beliefs of the Baby Boomer generation.

/ Execution

To fulfil this brief, inspiration was taken from the Space Race-era of the 1960s and '70s that was typified by a broad use of chrome, tail fin automobiles (such as the classic 1959 Cadillac), and a world culture with its eyes fixed on the stars above.

Elements such as the cartoon style of the Jetsons, and the fins and aerodynamic designs of milk bar and diner signage, made their way into the look and feel of the board game, forming the layout of the game board, playing pieces, playing cards, and even the custom 3D-printed dice that was specially created for this project.

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