Local Brands

Cara Coombe Creative

Simple logotype built for a South East Brisbane-based event and studio photographer for a freelance identity.

Cara's minimal lifestyle and methodical approach inspired the clean, monochrome logomark that represents her work.

Just My Blog

Created a full branding project for a Brisbane-based fashion and beauty stylist which included a logo, business cards and website.

Drawing inspiration from her name's initials, Just My Blog serves as a platform for Jordan's freelance fashion and beauty work.

GEN JAY Photographer

Created the brand identity of a Brisbane photographer based on his personal nickname of General Jay, a nomer he had been operating under for a couple months.

Using a simple typographic style and the symbolism of stars from military bodies across the world, GEN JAY's logo captured his personal and professional identity as the online face of his business.


Designed for a business managing Airbnb properties to compete with similar local and national businesses.

The logo was built using simple and recognisable shapes and a modern serif typeface.

Just Shoot Me Club

Created the original branding for the Griffith Queensland College of Art Photography Club, now known as the One Stop Photography Club.

This name was chosen for its cynical double meaning and blunt approach to photography by the founders.

Conversations with Cal

Redesigned a personal branding logo for a journalist seeking to launch his own news platform reporting on local events and topics on the Sunshine Coast.

Cal sought a simple typographic logo incorporating his most distinctive features: his hair and glasses, and a two-tone colour scheme of black and sky blue.

Castille Creations

Created a simple logo for a outdoor and adventure company based in Portland, OR.

Jake's brand under Castille Creations is a constant work-in-progress, but was built using familiar nature and adventure motifs to him and his consumer base.

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