/ Brief

This project was instigated as a group design proposal for our cohort's graduate design exhibition at USC, featuring students from graphic design, web design, photography and 3D design.

As a exhibition design proposal, we had to design the central brand and theme from scratch and then develop the brand into a wide range of print, online and sculpture artworks for the final exhibition. These included posters, name tags, menus, advertising, signage, trophy and website.

The final proposal was to hold a strong, consistent theme which was realised across a wide range of platforms and complemented the work of the students that exhibited within.

/ Execution

Stellar was created by a collaboration with graphic designers Jana Stadelmann, Laura Yarnold, Jaclyn Crane, and Alyssa Pascarella, along with web designers Sam Huth and Ryan McInerney. The central concept of Stellar was tied to our ambitions as designers to be 'stellar' - travel far, shine brightly, and leave a trail for others to follow.

Drawing from this concept, we formed the visual style of Stellar around astral characteristics such as geometric forms and contrast of intense colour and dark shadow.

These qualities were realised in the final brand as three colour scheme: black and a cyan-magenta gradient, and the experimental geometric typeface Megrim.

Using Format