This project began as part of a three day workshop led by Australian designer Ken Cato who was visiting the University of the Sunshine Coast. Ken used this project to demonstrate key aspects of his talks on corporate identity and how to build timeless brands.

Choosing USC as his focus, Ken taught us how to deconstruct the identity of a brand, contrast it against its competitors/other similar existing brands, and form a corporate identity with meaningful design.

Primary and secondary versions of USC branding.

Tertiary and alternative versions of USC branding.


Under the supervision of Ken, we deconstructed the base concepts of USC's existing logo. The existing logo was a simple abstract graphic of the sun above the ground and their chosen brand colour of Pantone 3298 C, a deep forest green.

To rebrand their identity while continuing their history and ideals, we explored the concepts of the sun, light, shadow, and USC's investment in developing technologies such as 3D simulation, 3D printing, projection and mapping.

Colour scheme for USC branding.


Combining all of these aspects into a single logo began as a simple replicated trapezium (inspired by the shape of a folded page corner), into a 3D model with simulated realistic lighting and shadows. Giving the logo accurate shadows gave the emblem a picturesque quality which gave it visual appeal.

The colour scheme was built from a range of tones similar to their existing brand green, extending the range of colour that was able to be used and employed by the brand across its material.

Student Card and Letterhead design for USC branding.

Public Transport Poster and Wall Vertical Banner for USC branding.

Billboard design for USC branding.


At the end of the project, the final brand and surrounding collateral stood as a modern reimagining of the University of the Sunshine Coast brand, standing distinct from other universities and colleges around Australia while still paying homage to its history, influences and core ideals.

Annual Report for USC branding.

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